Commercial Cladding in Coppleham

Commercial Cladding in Coppleham

We are experts in commercial and industrial cladding in your local area. Our contractors are always ready to support new builds and renovations, whatever the weather.

Commercial Cladding in Coppleham

For purposes of maintenance as well as physical design, commercial cladding has never been more in demand. We are experts in commercial and industrial cladding in your local area. Our contractors are always ready to support new builds and renovations, whatever the weather.
While old cladding and roofing standards may have been cost-effective over the years, things have changed. As time has moved on, traditional cladding has fallen into disrepair. More and more businesses have needed to overhaul their roofing completely.
With a wide variety of cladding options for commercial buildings available, it can be difficult to know which to choose. We are here to examine your existing cladding. Our in house professionals will help you make long-lasting, cost-effective choices. New cladding should be heat-efficient and easy to maintain. We aim to install cladding which will stand the test of time.
You may not know if your building needs new cladding. If it is showing its age, now will be a good time to call in the experts. If you are working with a new build, it is a good idea to make sure you install cladding. This will withstand years of weather.
Are you looking for local cladding support? We're here to help. Before we do, let's discuss commercial roofing and cladding in a little more detail. It makes sense to understand what you're working with!

Commercial Cladding Services 

Commercial roofing cladding is the standard for all industrial and corporate buildings across the UK. Cladding is not only used to provide a specific look or design. It provides waterproofing and insulation for years to come.
Cladding can be installed with a variety of different materials. Clay, concrete, asphalt and more can be used to set up a hard-wearing, low-maintenance roof option.
For many businesses, metal cladding is the most viable and popular choice.
Metal cladding comes recommended by experts and contractors, too. That's because it is famously lightweight and easy to look after. What's more, it is very flexible. It can be designed and installed to a huge variety of specifications.
Most importantly, commercial building cladding installed in metal will last decades of use. Providing you hire the best contractors with years of experience, you will not need to make further changes to metal cladding for many years.
That's why it is so important to find the best contractors. Metal roofing and cladding are heat-efficient and resistant against asbestos. It is also seen as the most cost-effective choice for replacing worn-down cladding from the 1980s.
Metal roof cladding can be installed in a variety of forms:
  • Steel
  • Stainless steel
  • Copper
  • Titanium
  • Bronze
  • Zinc
  • Aluminum
Of these metals, steel and aluminum are likely to be the most common. This is because they are the most cost-effective and are extremely durable against the elements. In any case, metal cladding is strong, visually appealing, and very easy to work with.

Commercial Roofing Contractors

Finding an experienced commercial roofing company is always important. Cladding is something that takes genuine care and precision to get right. When you are working with sensitive materials and high-pressure work such as roofing, you need to be able to depend on a professional. We can make all the right arrangements for you without hassle.
Our team is fully trained and accredited to take on all wall cladding and roofing work within the UK. We are specialists in working with metal cladding. This means we will always be in a position to help make cost-effective recommendations to you. When running a business or an industrial building, you must keep warm and dry at all times.
If you still depend on traditional cladding from the past 30-40 years, it is time for an upgrade. We specialise not only in supporting new build cladding, but also in extensive renovations. We have worked in the industry for many years, and know exactly which steps to take. When it comes to bringing older cladding solutions up to code, we are your go-to contractor.
Part of our appeal lies in our approach. If you do need commercial roofing contractors to renovate or refurbish your existing cladding, look no further. You will need a professional to audit your existing setup.
We don’t believe in simply laying new cladding over the top of an existing issue. We take the time to analyse and understand your problems.
From there, we’ll be able to find a worthwhile solution to your problems. One which will last years to come, and which won't break your budget.

Industrial Roofing and Cladding Contractors

It's important to find industrial roofing and cladding contractors with years of experience in the trade. You should also be ready to ask any contractors you work with to prove their expertise. We're always pleased to show our previous work and to show you our credentials.
But what else should you be looking for in the best cladding professionals? Here are a few things we think you should be ready to consider.
  • Look for years of experience. A long period of trade experience means a team has worked with a variety of concepts and problems and will have a broad knowledge of the best solutions.
  • Look for a team you can trust. Contractors who are worth hiring will have accreditations visible for you to see on their website.
  • Look for a team that can prove their worth. Glowing online reviews, photographic proof of work and service guarantees will help to assure you.
  • Look for someone who confidently works with a wide variety of materials, and who isn’t afraid to tackle complex jobs. We work with bespoke requests throughout the year. We are never afraid to take on the next challenge.
  • Look for fair pricing. Cheap cladding isn't necessarily going to be the best. However, you shouldn't expect to pay over the odds for commercial cladding. Look for a firm who can quote you upfront, and competitively.

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Industrial Cladding

Industrial cladding must be subject to a variety of checks before it is declared fit for purpose. While it may seem that commercial roofing and cladding serves an aesthetic purpose, it goes a lot deeper than that.
Many traditional industrial buildings have harmful asbestos lining their roofs. In many cases, it can be physically impossible to remove this material safely. It may also be costly to do so. Therefore, alternative industrial cladding can be laid over the top to offer an alternative to asbestos clearance. This type of cladding can be used to seal harmful material away safely.
What's more, metal cladding, in particular, has fantastic thermal and waterproofing properties. When there is a need for you to keep things warm and dry, a modern cladding solution should always be considered.
Industrial cladding installation is flexible and versatile. This means you can request for it to be coloured and designed in specific styles. You can request for metal cladding to match your existing building. You can always ask for support from cladding experts, who will make recommendations to you based on years of experience.

Industrial Cladding Materials

As mentioned, there are many different types of industrial cladding materials available. These can vary from terracotta to slate, to clay, to various types of metal. The choice you make will depend on your exact needs. For example; the look of your commercial or industrial building may benefit more from modern metal cladding.
What’s more, flexible metal cladding is considered much more future proof. Some sources suggest that good metal cladding can last for up to 50 years without serious maintenance. If you are interested in cutting the costs of roof maintenance, it makes sense to look at metal as a priority.
Metal may not be the best aesthetic fit for your premises. In any case, do always make sure to speak with a contractor regarding material concerns. They will work with you to find a practical, cost-effective solution.
Don’t discount other industrial cladding materials, but do be open to a variety of choice!

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