Cladding Design in Hill Ridware

Cladding Design in Hill Ridware

This not only serves a practical purpose but a design purpose, too. Cladding design can vary from building to building.

Cladding Design in Hill Ridware

Roof cladding not only serves a practical purpose but a design purpose, too. Cladding design can vary from building to building. When installed by the right experts, it can help to transform the look of a unit under renovation or a new build.
Roofing design is often more complex and intricate than many people give it credit for being. Each residential and commercial roof offers a specific solution. Expert contractors will be able to work with a wide array of materials. They will offer design options to produce low-maintenance, low-cost cladding and roofing for premises up and down the UK.
Cladding design is essential for buildings to not only look the part but also to stay protected against the elements. Choice factors in cladding designing and installation can help to ventilate buildings. It also helps to insulate interior roofing.
Most cladding can be designed to order. The best contractors will be able to advise on design and construction features. Let’s take a closer look at why the design of your roof cladding is so important.


Cladding from years gone by may no longer support a building's needs. Older cladding designs have fallen by the wayside in recent years. This is in favour of modern architectural choices.
This means that homes and commercial premises alike are now better protected against a wealth of maintenance issues. Cladding designs have never been smarter. The best contractors are those who know exactly how to work it to their clients’ advantage.
Each building's needs are going to be slightly different from the next. That's why we feel a construction firm must keep a bespoke approach. Cladding design is something which will vary depending on aesthetics as well as practical need. We make sure to understand what you need from your roofing before we get started. What's more, we take a close look at any existing roofing in place and will set up a reliable plan of action with you.

Design Solutions

Our cladding design solutions will help to improve the quality of your roofing. We also aim to protect your building and personnel against all manner of common problems. Dated cladding is no longer a viable option for healthy roofing standards. We always recommend you get your roof installation checked out as a matter of urgency. If it has been a long time since your cladding was last inspected, it may be time to consult a professional.
Our cladding design solutions could help to:
  • Reduce noise travel, in and out of a building
  • Protect personnel and members of the public against breathing in asbestos
  • Ventilate a roofing system for optimal air quality
  • Promote natural light in dark buildings
  • Boost heat efficiency and provide thermal insulation
  • Boost security and protection against unwanted visitors
  • Prevent damp conditions, water damage and flooding
  • Enhance privacy for anyone within the building
This is not an exhaustive list. As your needs may vary, we encourage you to consult our team to find out more about what we can do for you.

On-Site Bespoke Fabrications

We support on-site bespoke fabrications for tricky or complicated requirements. Our experienced contractors know that one size rarely, if ever, fits all. We are always ready to create unique cladding solutions based on your existing shell or roofing solution.
Whether you are undergoing a complete renovation or are setting up metal cladding for a new build, we must be ready to help with bespoke concerns. Our flexible team will be able to create cladding solutions for you on the spot, even after a brief consultation. If we don't have the parts, pieces or materials available, we will be ready to get creative.
On-site fabrications are what help to set our team apart from other local experts. We believe there is always a solution to even the trickiest of roofing problems. We are always ready to start thinking outside of the box. Don't worry – we won't break from the quote we offer you at the first point of contact.

System Advice

We are also here to offer you a wealth of advice on how to maintain your roofing system. We can adjust and refit cladding to enhance heat or the ventilation quality of your building. We will also be able to help you maintain and check your roofing for years to come.
With the right metal cladding, you may not even need to attend to your roof for decades to come. The the best cladding designs around are those which stand the test of time. It is in our interest to make sure your cladding and roofing are cost-effective and low on maintenance. That's genuine value in our eyes.
Let’s take a closer look at some of the common roofing systems and facilities we design and install for our customers.


When it comes to efficient, effective ventilation, a louvre system will often do more than enough to improve air quality. Louvre systems are made up of several blades designed and installed to allow clean air to flow in and out of a building. Fitted via the roof and cladding, these systems are also designed to ensure that anything potentially harmful, such as debris and dust, remains on the outside.
Louvres are also fantastic at keeping out the wet. If you need regular ventilation but want to avoid damp conditions, a good louvre installation will protect you. It's important that commercial buildings, for example, continue to receive clean, circulating air. This isn’t just for people who may be inside, but for plant rooms and large machinery, too. In some industrial settings, you may need ventilation to ensure that heavy duty systems don’t overheat or get clogged.
There are many different types of louvre which could benefit you. We can design and fit ventilation louvres for clean air, rain defence louvres. These protect against water damage and even aesthetic louvres for a certain look. Some louvres even look fantastic while delivering an important service. We strive to install options which are practical and impressive to look at.

Fascias, Capping and Soffit Systems

There are further elements to cladding design. Whilst not obvious to the naked eye, provide a crucial service.
Fascias are commonly found in residential roofing design, as well as in commercial installations. Fascias are essential for drainage and guttering support. Not only are they used to uphold a certain aesthetic, but they also hold and carry guttering. They can even support the lowest level of cladding. A solid, reliable fascia is very important in modern cladding.
Capping, too, while not obvious, is very important. Capping work occurs when there is a need for joins and gaps to be covered up. These effectively help to ‘finish off' roofing or cladding design and will help by improving the waterproofing.
Soffits can be found underneath roofing installations to help with ventilation and to seal certain gaps and nooks. Once again, these may not seem too important on the outside. However, they are essential to the survival of any modern roofing design. We are pleased to offer full consultation and support on all fascias, capping and soffit systems.


Rooflights, too, have become very popular in recent years. You commonly may find them in modern housing, useful for letting light into attic rooms. They may also be useful in commercial cladding and roof installations. Rooflights are positioned in such a way to maximise natural light entering into a building.
Rooflights can also be designed and installed to a wide range of specifications. We understand that rooflight needs are likely to vary from project to project. To help keep healthy, natural light flowing through your building, it makes sense to start at the top, with your roof. Our cladding design team will be able to create and install rooflights which both look the part and which illuminate your whole interior.

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Whether you are installing cladding for a new build, or need help renovating an existing roofing solution in Hill Ridware WS15 3 we are here to help. Modern cladding design could help to keep your building warm, dry and cost-efficient. Cladding is more than just an aesthetic choice. It is an important part of any building's ventilation system and will help to protect your premises.
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Cladding design and installation are less expensive than you may think. We make sure to quote you once we've fully understood your needs carefully. Whether we create bespoke solutions for you on site or analyse your existing cladding and roofing, we can design the perfect system.
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