External Wall Cladding  in Ashdon

External Wall Cladding in Ashdon

Effective external wall cladding is a fantastic long-term solution. Building walls are often exposed to a wide array of problems throughout the year

External Wall Cladding in Ashdon

Your external walls are likely to take a bit of a battering! Not only is it crucial to keep them looking great, but it is also essential to protect them against the elements. Effective wall cladding for homes and commercial buildings can protect against the elements. This includes weather, wear and tear and even vandalism.
Cladding is a great option to take if you are concerned about the longevity of your walls. They can help you to control and maintain your walls without the need for much intervention. You may be at risk of water damage, heat loss or hazards. This could endanger the people inside your building.
What’s more, cladding for external walls can be designed and installed to look fantastic. You can choose from a wide variety of styles and materials to suit your existing building. You may even wish to opt for a completely new look.
You must find an experienced contractor or team in Ashdon CB10 2 who can help you with your external walls. As local experts, we are always here to help our clients find the longest-lasting, most cost-effective solutions out there. Here's our brief guide to external walls, cladding, and everything in between.

What is External Cladding?

You may have already heard of cladding for roofing. It is also used to help bolster and change the aesthetic of exterior walls. External wall cladding is much like protecting a building against the elements. Cladding is a skin for your walls that effectively keep your buildings under wraps. Think of it as a way of bubble-wrapping your building in an appealing and cost-effective way.
Effective external cladding is a fantastic long-term solution. Building walls are often exposed to a wide array of problems throughout the year. Traditional walls are at risk of eroding or getting damaged by weather and even vandals. External cladding is easy to clean and can generally be left alone to do its job throughout the years to come.
Many people opt for external wall cladding as an aesthetic choice. It is more than just about looking good. Walls which are cladded with the right materials will withstand years of environmental effects. This also prevents certain damage.
Please make sure you sign up with a contractor or team of experts who know the trade. Setting up cladding isn’t something that should be handled lightly.
All buildings and premises will be slightly different. This means that a bespoke approach is needed. We will inspect and examine your building and will make sure only to recommend solutions that are a good practical fit. That goes for your budget, too!

Function of Wall Cladding

The main function of wall cladding is, as mentioned, to protect your walls and the building inside. But let's break this down even further. What are some of the major benefits of cladding your walls? What can you expect from exterior cladding the first time you set it up? Let's take a look at some brief scenarios.
  • External wall cladding can help to upgrade and improve the look of a building. This is recommended if your walls need renovating, and you are running a public-facing business.
  • Wall cladding, much like roof cladding, can help to keep the wind and cold out. Rainwater and adverse weather do serious damage to brick and stone over time. They may also even contribute to damp or mouldy conditions. External cladding nips this in the bud.
  • Cladding is great for improving ventilation. You may need to remove or refurbish some of your existing wall systems if you need more air in your building. We will, of course, always be ready and able to help design a fully-ventilated system to improve the breathing quality in your premises.
  • External cladding options can even help to keep heat in. Insulated cladding is heat-efficient, which means there will be less cold air getting in, and less heat getting out. This is especially important during the colder months of the year, and if you are catering to members of the public.
  • Wall cladding is also very easy to clean and maintain. One of the major benefits of cladding lies in the fact that it can be left to work for you without the need for intervention.
  • Many people opt for wall cladding because it looks great! It can transform the look of a property or commercial premises in just a few pieces.

External Wall Cladding Options

Many businesses and industrial firms opt for metal cladding. This is because it is lightweight and cost-effective. Homes and public buildings, such as cafes and restaurants, may choose traditional cladding in brick or stone for a natural effect. Please look at the information on www.claddingexperts.co.uk/commercial for more information on commercial cladding. 
Our contractors offer a wide range of wall cladding options. This way, we can always be sure to offer you the pick of the best materials and fittings for your needs. We make sure to fully examine your external walls so that we may provide you with a practical, cost-effective choice. The options you choose may depend on your budget, the shape and size of your building, and your needs.
You may be looking for a particular aesthetic. Or, you could be looking for practical support in reducing water ingress and damp conditions. It may be time for you to upgrade your cladding to a more modern standard. In any case, we will provide you with a wealth of flexible choice.
Read below to learn more about the different types of cladding we recommend for external walls, and how they may be useful to you.

Composite Wall Panels Steel

Composite wall panels in steel are easy to install and even easier to look after. Steel is a naturally resistant and robust resource. This makes it a perfect choice for wall cladding, as it will not get damaged, marked or warped by the weather. It will also withstand years of use and can help to create a stunning, modern design for any building. It is easy to clean therefore more time-efficient for businesses who need to clean/maintain their walls regularly.
Composite cladding is often insulated. This means it is designed to keep in the heat and to prevent more cold air from getting in. Composite options are seen as the ‘whole package' for many people. We recommend you look at steel composite first for a great catch-all solution.

Insulated Wall Panels

Insulated wall panels are efficient and easy to use. Insulated cladding won't only reduce moisture and improve the warmth of your building. You will also cut energy bills down to size. This means that your premises can be all the more efficient in its day to day running.
Insulated wall panels are also very well-ventilated, meaning anyone in your building will be able to breathe a little easier. This will be good news for certain pieces of machinery, too, which need ventilation and space to cool down and to continue operating at speed.

Liner Panels

Liner panels are flexible, lightweight and customisable. For many people, these cladding resources may be the first option they look for. They can be designed and fabricated to order. This is to prevent water ingress and to allow for maximum ventilation. You may often find liner panels on roofing. They will also work wonders as part of any wall installation, too. They can also be produced in a wide variety of colours and shades. They are a perfect choice for anyone looking to imprint a unique look.

Horizontal and Vertical Wall Panels

Wall panels can, of course, be built to a variety of different shapes and sizes. Part of our bespoke approach is to assess your situation and to develop paneling which looks great. We want this to work well for years to come.
Horizontal and vertical wall panels are very easy to manufacture and to fit together. They can be produced in a wealth of styles and colours to suit a more contemporary finish. 
Panels are simple, attractive metal cladding options that will quickly cover your external walls. They will protect them against potential damage for years down the line. It is an option we highly recommend when you first consult with our team.

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