Roof Cladding  in Shaftesbury

Roof Cladding in Shaftesbury

Roof cladding can help to not only improve the look of your building or property. It may also provide several practical benefits over years of use.

Roof Cladding in Shaftesbury

When installing a new roof, you may need to think carefully about cladding. Roof cladding can help to not only improve the look of your building or property. It may also provide several practical benefits over years of use.

Your building’s roof is not only going to need to look the part – it’s going to need to serve a purpose, too. That purpose is to protect the people and the machinery in the building itself! Here’s our quick guide to cladding, and what you can expect from it.

What is Roof Cladding?

Roof cladding is the process of protecting a property roof during installation. Cladding your roof is crucial if you want to protect your building against damp conditions. It also prevents heat loss, vandalism, poor air quality and more besides.

Cladding is always recommended when installing a new roof. It is also recommended that you consider cladding for outdated roof installations.

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While traditional roofing and cladding may have worked wonders in the past, things have moved on in a big way. Roof standards from the past are no longer efficient or protective. At least by modern standards.

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Roof Cladding Materials

There any many different types of cladding available for home and commercial architecture. Natural and man made material can be used to add protection to your roof. It also improves its general aesthetic. Here are a few common cladding materials.

  • UPVC
  • Cement / sand
  • Stone
  • Brick
  • Wood
  • Metal
  • Glass
  • Tile
  • Terracotta
  • Slate

The cladding you choose will vary depending on the look of your property, and your individual need.

In this guide, we will be focusing on metal cladding. This is a popular choice for commercial and industrial roofing solutions. Let’s take a look at some of the more popular metals used in modern cladding.


Steel is one of the most common cladding resources. It is easy to come by and is durable and resistant. It is often one of the first choices we recommend to clients when setting up new roofing installations.


Aluminium, too, is trendy. This metal is affordable, yet is impressively resistant and robust. For these reasons, you will see many buildings up and down the UK cladded with aluminium. It is also resistant against much weather, making it an ideal choice for most commercial buildings.

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel, too, is prevalent for its protective properties. Stainless steel is a prime choice in interior and exterior design. It is famously flexible, affordable, and is resistant against rust and other typical damage. For that reason, it, too, will be a likely first option we recommend to our clients. However, there are other metals which, while less common, offer just as much reliability, if not more.


Zinc is not commonly used, which is somewhat strange. It is straightforward to work with, and it looks stunning when put to work in the right way. It's also a metal which is resistant to damage and natural weathering. Zinc is crisp, clean and offers genuine longevity. For long-lasting sheen, you'd be hard pushed to find a better cladding metal than zinc.


Copper is popular in some corners of the roofing trade, thanks to it being relatively light in weight. This also makes it extremely adaptable. People will flock to copper cladding for its striking look. Its shiny, brown colour looks fantastic in certain business roofing installations. It is also recyclable, which makes it an eco-friendly choice to make if you're keen to cut down on your carbon footprint.


Bronze cladding can look similar to copper, and it is just as innovative. Cladding in bronze creates a rustic, industrial look which many firms may be looking for. It is also a fantastic choice for resistant material. It may not be the most common metal available for cladding right now, but it is emerging as a potential leader for future projects.


Titanium is super-resistant against weathering and corrosion. It is surprisingly lightweight and is thought to be one of the longest-lasting metals on the planet. It is little wonder so many people make a beeline for this material.. It is considered an excellent long-term option, and at the same time, is very pleasing on the eye.

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Roof Cladding Types

Now we've looked at the primary metals used in commercial cladding; it's time to consider the different types of cladding available.

The type of roof cladding you opt for will depend on your needs. In our experience as contractors, no two roof cladding jobs are ever quite the same. It makes sense that we introduce some of the more popular options to you in this guide. Read on for a brief introduction to what you can expect, and if you have any further questions, do always feel free to drop us a line!

Composite Roof Panel

Composite roof panels are nice and simple cladding options as they are ready-built for you. Composite panels consist of insulation material and profiled sheets at the top and bottom.

Composite panels are great for keeping in heat and keeping out noise. We often recommend a composite roof panel cladding to clients who would like to upgrade the thermal properties of their roofing. It's a simple option which is ready to install with minimal fuss.

Profiled Sheets

Profiled sheets (box profile sheets), can often be seen as part of modern industrial building installations. That isn’t to say residential properties won’t benefit from installing this type of cladding.

Profiled sheets offer a more resistant and heat-efficient slant on traditional corrugated metal. Available in a wide array of colours and styles, this type of cladding may not look too different from corrugated roofing. However, it is far more protective and much longer-lasting than the metal sheets of old. These sheets have modernised the practical design of corrugated metal roofing in a big way.

Standing Seam

Standing seam roofing is another option which is very popular with a wide array of commercial and industrial clients. Largely using zinc, this cladding is very quick to produce and to install and is considered extremely cost-effective.

Standing seam cladding can cover a lot of roofing area. This means you could save considerable money in arranging for your whole roofing system to be covered. Flexible standing seam cladding is subtle yet effective. It is perfect for creating a simple, pleasant aesthetic roof. What's more, it can be clad over the top of existing roofing and is fantastic at improving ventilation.

Structural Liner Tray

Structural liner tray cladding is recommended for extra stability and strength. This option is perfect not only for roofing but for walls, too. It is very easy to install and is cost-effective, often removing any need for extra supports such as cladding rails. The simplicity in style and application make it a popular choice for many commercial roofing projects.

Lightweight Tile Effect

Lightweight tile effect roofing helps to keep a traditional aesthetic with all the benefits of modern metal cladding in play.

Tile effect can look great on certain buildings, and may even work well for residential roofing solutions. We’re pleased to present a range of tile effect cladding solutions which you can choose from while consulting with us.

The type of cladding you choose is up to you and your budget! However, do always speak with a member of our team if you are unsure which options may work best for you. We’re always happy to present our wide selection to you before we get started.

Composite Gutter

Guttering is extremely important both at home and at work. Industrial, galvanised guttering products can be installed as part of your cladding solution. Composite gutter solutions will help to safely manage your drainage through all kinds of weather. We will be more than happy to attend to any existing fascias, too, and to make recommendations for efficient improvements.

Need a composite gutter installing alongside a cost-effective cladding solution? Let us take a closer look at your existing roofing and help you find the best possible fit. We will also help you make decisions which result in less maintenance long-term. The whole point of recladding or installing a new roof is to set up for the years to come.

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